The Apple store

I went into the apple store because i was bored and wanted to feel bad about my personal finances. I do like going into the Apple store as it makes me feel like I’m in the future, well if the future was built by iKea and capitalism.
I can just imagine how they designed it;
"Ok, Steve Jobs what colour scheme should we go with to showcase our futuristic expensive gadgets?"
"Grey? A bit boring isn’t it?"
"Yeah, alright i take your point, let’s jazz it up. With some beach wood tables"
"Cabinets and shelves?"
"No waist level tables to see everyones smugness and erections"
I was amazed at how big the Ipads are these days. They were supposed to be a little portable thing that was just a screen. it was supposed to be superior to the laptop or the desktop because of how portable it was.
It was so big that it needed a cover with a keyboard built in. Which opened up its top for your lap. I can only imagine that next it will need a track pad in two years time followed by a tower with CD drives. Then 2 years after that you can only use it if you install Windows 95.