What’s in a name?

Rita Ora is incredibly sexy. But I can’t get over the fact that her name is Rita. I just imagine Rita from Corrie or or one of my Grandmas friends. It just feels like someone who has a bus pass, pisses when they sneeze and always had boiled toffees on them. There’s a lyric in one of Rita’s songs which is ‘and we made love right there on your best friends couch’ and i think "That guy shagged a girl called Rita.
This isn’t just limited to celebrities. One of the sexiest girls I ever met was called Linda. Which is my Mum’s name. I’ve never lost interest in someone so quickly as when I heard her name. I just can’t imagine shouting out mid coitus ‘Give it to me hard and fast, Linda’. Which will always be in my head the name of a 52 year old who can’t wait to retire. The only thing I can think of that would be worse to shout out sexually ‘Give it to me hard, Mum’. Which is what I’d essentially be saying with any Linda based copulation.
But then there are a lot of weird fetishes online so maybe I’m the one in the minority with that thought there.