“Thoroughly enjoyable.” – Notts Comedy Review

“Pick of the night” – Now Then Magazine

“genuinely funny physical comedy” – Broadway Baby

‘Impossible not to love’ – HopScotch Friday

Tom Short is an award winning comedian that has a burning desire truly to entertain.

Tom’s genuine friendliness has earned him fans with almost everyone he comes across who fall in love with his charm, energy and quick wit. Tom is cut from a different cloth coming from Salford, being brought up working class and having meager beginnings in an environment that stamped out differences and creativity, he rose through this and is authentically himself for all to see and this endears him with every audience member he performs in front of this has been described as ‘Stealth comedy. The best kind’ (The Skinny).

Tom is at his core an entertainer, who can adapt to any medium and has achieved excelled in any format he has been thrust into always shining through with his ‘self deprecating style and quick-fire delivery’ – (Visit Blackpool). His work on stage comes into alignment with his sense of self creating connections with his audience that other’s simply just can’t replicate and it always leaves people wanting more of Tom’s comedy and his company.

Tom’s creativity, ambition, charm professionalism has lead to success and acknowledged him as one of the hardest working young comedians in the UK today, putting out an astonishing portfolio of online and offline work for everyone to enjoy.


Northern Souls – Leicester Comedy Festival 2017
Ahoy! – Liverpool Comedy Festival 2016
Comedy Shorts – Edinburgh Fringe 2016
Comedy Tandem – Edinburgh Fringe 2016
Short & Girlies – Edinburgh Fringe 2016
Warm up for Kiri Pritchard-McLean – Edinburgh Fringe 2015
Funz and Gamez – Leicester Comedy Festival 2015
Funz and Gamez – Edinburgh Fringe 2014
Only Child Syndrome – Manchester Fringe 2014