It’s really hard to actually do all the things that go along with being a stand up, I think the junior doctors have got it easy really. They dont have to be on call to make a works do laugh in December time. I think we both rank up there for tiredness and probably being underpaid in 2018. It’s particularly at the beginning, well say beginning more like the middle, I’m at the custard stage of this trifle of a comedy career. I can only hope to eventually get to the cream rather than slip down to the vodka soaked jelly bottom. I have to juggle a day job with the stand up, until recently it was 2 jobs i was doing this with until I was fired, that quiz company will not be the same without me! On my days off I try to keep up with my admin, and by that I don’t mean its all work at home wanking. But lately, it may be the workload but the procrastination has set it, once again not wanking, well maybe some but not enough to get in the way. I’m finding it hard to keep focused through all the emails, no one tells you stand up is like an office job with 20 fun minutes at the end when you start doing it. Although with everyone on the circuit claiming that stand up is over populated with new comedians and gigs drying up maybe a job role quota is a good way of scaring newbies off. And January hasn’t help, it being a quiet month anyway. It’s like a month long version of that week between Christmas and new year.
I have a gig tonight at the world famous comedy store but I’ve not gotten into gig mode. Before i can even do the gig I need to get all my stage gear together. along with the camera to record it for my videos. I want this all to pay off. I can die from a heart attack at 40 from over eating rather than putting out youtube videos and emails if I’m given the go ahead.