Smashed window

My car was broken into yesterday. The front and the back window were smashed which is annoying as I feel it shows that whoever did it clearly does not give a shit about my no claims discount or the faff I have to go through in order to fix what they did to claim what was already a 2nd hand iPod as their own.

I think to myself are criminals really that petty that they’re stealing things that will gain them a net £30? I can make that in a few hours at minimum wage. I can make that filling in a survey online. It’s 10 subway sandwhiches or 5 Big Mac meals or 10 condoms frim a pub toilet, 3 packs of cigs or a pair of trainers from sports direct.
How many other little bits of kit are people stealing to fund their what must be fairly low level of lifestyle? How many other people’s £30 iPods are going towards weed and curry and chips? Unless of course I’ve judged them wrong and they’re in their dens saying "only another 92 iPods to be pawned until we invest on the Fanny Mae"
I was fairly dispondent when it happened, it was a shit thing to happen but I was fairly calm until I saw that above the pilfered glove box was a book that I know they did not look twice at. The thing that could actually have enriched their lives was the thing they left me with. Chavvy pricks.