I don’t think problems ever go away. I’ve been having a lot of problems with the shower. Ever since I moved to my new house it’s been a case of wash only a little or have the shower leak. We now have mould and a mushroom growing out of the wall, which I didn’t think was possible.
On top of that my car was broken into. A £200 repair for a £30 ipod which is real annoying. It’s at times like this that I think that I’d like a break. But I think problems are relative. I think someone from Syria would find my problems trivial.
I just think I’d never see an end to my problems. If my problems eased I would likely see other issues fill that void or I would end up with problems that I myself find trivial.
I spot myself doing it, finding myself irked by a problem that is ultimately a small one. I find myself getting frustrated whenever I am in the middle of something or am about to start something and I am struck with the worst desire to take a piss. I always think that You never see someone using the toilet in an action movie. I imagine myself as a bomb disposal expert shaking because I’m under pressure to save lives and hold my bladder. You never see that in the news papers "Hero firefighter shits self in order to keep on going" "Prime Minister calls breaks to PMQs for Pee MY Qs" or "hostage negotiation goes wrong as he misses call of nature"
I think P. Diddy (Pee diddy if you will), said mo money mo problems, when it should have been mo time mo problems