I have been reading up on cats today, I have a long history with cats having a pet cat since I was very young.
My current one is also my favourite one he is called Mickey. Named after the mouse. He has a very loud purr and is very gentle but does not look like that due to how large and chunky he is. He gets scared easily which I think is unexpected due to his size. I think I see a lot of myself in him especially when he washes his balls for far too long.
I think cats are a gamble as kittens because almost all kittens are uniformly lovely. But when they grow up its a lucky dip as to whether or not your cat will turn out to be a dick. I have 3 cats and whilst 2 are decent 1 of them I lost that lottery with. Her name is Katy. She is a little fat dumpy cat, always in a bad mood yet always up for playing but I always get the feeling that she’s only playing because if she humours me the playing will ultimately stop and she has a chance to rip some skin off my hand.
I learned that Cats have a brain that is 90% similar to a humans which I think may explain why they can be such dicks. That not being able to work out whats behind their eyes. The want to be able to just do nothing all day. It’s all very human.
I also learned that Cats were once used as part of a scheme in Finland to deliver post. It failed, I am not at all surprised at this. I can’t trust any number of packaging companies so I certainly wouldnt trust the company that delivers with cats. I’d only expect the package tracker app to show my parcel going around in circles, rolling around on hot tarmac and lying under a vehicle for 6 hours before ultimately being squashed at the side of a main road.
I also was amused to learn that some cats can get addicted to tuna and these cats are reffered to as Tuna Junkies. Which I think would make for a cracking film remake of requiem for a dream with all cats! ‘Yo dog (literal dog) you got any more of that John West stuff?’