Leaning into digital comedy content more

After reading a post from Andy quirk it got me thinking about how production is increasing in the post covid-19 world. I think that comedy is adapting to the restrictions of moving to a digital realm. Although I don’t know how much it is being leant into.

I think in order to be effective comedy has to lean into whatever genre it finds itself inhabiting and at the minute I think it needs to take a cue from vloggers. I have many vloggers that I admire the work of including Brian Zane, Scott the Woz and Caddicarus to name a few.  For my comedy special (Which may potentially never see the light of day now) I played with  expectations in a skype call. I am surprised to see none of this kind of content currently online from so many comedians that are now calling the world of online content their home.

I have been creating content that is leaning into investigative journalism lately with these 2 videos. I think it is a good area to go down as I have investigated this before during my masters and allows me to have a justifiable reason to create content about current events. Something I think is definitely useful in terms of getting my content in front of many people.

In this video I visited the blue lagoon of Buxton and made a piece about those who were visiting it and its affect on the local area. I have certainly found that this approach is giving me more opportunities to connect and engage with people. In the below video I look at the reopening of McDonald’s. Both of these were big trending stories and it making me more aware of what people are engaging with and what stories are interesting people. I am certainly aware of this at this moment and hopefully this will allow me more engaging content to create in the future.


However I do worry about how much this is affecting my ability to create other works that interest me personally. It has also seen a delay to this very website as I am intending to create one of these blogs once a week I have recently had a backlog of videos about gaming which are in a state of both pre and post production. I have felt for a while that the current boom of online content will be fleeting, which for some I think it will however I will be interested to see how many focus and continue to focus on online content once the physical gigs start back up. I feel I may saddle both but I don’t see it as totally unseeable for my focus to become more focused on online content.